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Our Handyman services are carried out by a team of professional and trustworthy and qualified contractors who can handle any kind of property maintenance in Brisbane.

Do you need a fence repair taken care of?

Is time to get around to hang pictures on the wall?

Do you need gutter cleaning done before the storm season?

Save yourself time and call the professionals at Handyman Bayside instead. We are the house maintenance service in Brisbane who can do everything, including installing home improvements for the elderly. 

Stop trying to find the right maintenance - You have found the right team here at Handyman Bayside. We are also able to guarantee the best possible prices for all of your home improvement needs!

About Us

There are lots of home maintenance services in Brisbane and it can be difficult knowing who to trust. We have been able to develop a team of professional handymen who will achieve outstanding results for the repairs and new builds or construction work within your home and property. We are qualified and insured to do nearly all property maintenance work. Some specialist trades are required to be called in from time to time due to strict laws in Australia for electrical and plumbing work.

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Our Services

We are a group of professionals that have developed many different services that are suit most home owners needs.

We are a group of professionals determined to provide you with quality work that you can depend on for many years to come.

Don't settle for a job half done or not up to standard! We pride ourselves on offering the best long term return on investment when you choose to use our property maintenance services.

Call us if you need the following done:

  • Patch and Paint
  • Garden Work
  • Gutters Cleaned
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • TV's Wall Mounted
  • Pictures or Mirrors Hung
  • Fix Leaking Taps
  • All Carpentry Needs
  • Tiling or Paving
  • Flat Packs Assembled
  • ​​Fences Repaired or Built
  • Decks Repaired or Built
  • Garden Waste Removal
  • Tip Run
  • Pick Up Furniture
  • Furniture Assembled
  • Minor House Repairs
  • Painting​
  • Seal Gaps​
  • All Home Repairs
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Property Maintenance

Property maintenance Brisbane is provided by our team here at Handyman Bayside. We are able to get the best interior or exterior results for all of your property maintenance needs.

Keep your home looking neat and tidy. We can do simple wall patching to building a new outdoor entertainment area.

We are available to work closely with property managers so that their property list is always maintained for their tenants safety and their home owners bottom line. Click

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If you need a carpenter, turn to the professionals team of handymen. We can provide carpentry work, and we know that this skillset combination guarantees the best results possible. ​Don't put up with a broken fence post or a dangerous loose railing. We are skilled carpenters and can repair or build anything wooden.

The diversity of our skills means we are innovative and masterful in all of the tasks that we do. This is because we have a wider perspective of a situation, and we provide the best solution possible as a result of that. Click Here to Read More

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Tiling and Paving

When your tiling and paving needs an overhaul, you can trust our team of contractors.

Have you got a path that has broken concrete and is a trip hazard or a tiled area that needs an upgrade?

We are a professional home handyman team that you are going to want to have by your side for all of your interior or exterior tiling and paving needs. We are proud to provide these results for you because we know that our work is going to be beneficial for you for a very long time to come. Click here to read more

Garden Maintenance

Gardening and outdoor cleaning team! Do you have gutters that need cleaning? Or a garden bed that is overgrown with rotting garden bed frames? Looking to to enjoy your outdoor area but you are too busy to provide your garden with the care and attention

that it deserves, then consider hiring our team of professionals here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane to get the job done. We know that we are the team that can do everything from planting,

watering, fertilizing, and the list continues. We would love to help your garden to looks it's best!. Click Here to Read More

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Install and Assemble

Have you have bought some new furniture or shelving and you do not have the time or patience to assemble or install it?

Or maybe got a new flat screen TV that needs to be mounted onto a wall?

You do not need to stress about these fiddly or complicated tasks. Call us here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane. We are able to come by and get all of that sorted for you in no time at all. ​

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General Repairs

General repairs are our specialty here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane. We are going to be able to get everything sorted for you when you feel overwhelmed with what needs doing around your home. We can handle this type of work without charging exuberant prices. We are proud to provide these services for you, and we are always here to swing by for a quick solution. ​Click here to read more General Repairs

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If you want to hire a handyman Brisbane, you are going to want to call us here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane. We are the group of

professionals who are known to be the best handy man team. We are able to live up to this standard because our years of dedication and

experience do all the talking. Not to mention, we hold tremendous value in serving you, and as such, we are always focused on

improvement and we train continuously to improve our know-how to meet your needs.


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