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Carpenter Brisbane – Fix And Repair Anything Wooden

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Carpentry is a handy man skill that you are going to want to entrust with a qualified tradesman who can do the job that is required and to the plans and parameters that you set out .

We know that if you want the best possible outcome then you need the best possible workers.

And you can trust us here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane.

We are able to get the job done because we have the skill set and tools require to do the job to your standard and finished in your time frame and keep to your budget.

We Love Working With Timber !

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What carpentry work we can do

  • Repair Decks or Build Decks
  • Repair Pergolas or Build Pergolas
  • Repair Fences or Build Fences
  • Repair Railings or Build Railings
  • Fix Window Frames
  • Fix Damaged Timber Finishes 

The Carpentry Work That We Love To Do

carpentry work

How to know what sort of carpentry work you need?

When choosing a carpenter there are different types of work that they do.You may know of a carpenter who just works on new home builds and does the framing or maybe a carpenter who works inside doing the trims and flooring

We are skilled in all 3 types of work

1. Rough or Framing Carpentry

This specialty is in constructing the basic framework and structures for buildings and homes.You will need a carpenter experienced in this if you are planning on adding an extension or an outdoor improvement like a pergola.The work needs to be done to a high standard to ensure the work is all square and plumb as it is the foundation work and needs to be spot on so all windows and doors fit properly

2. Finish carpentry or Trim carpentry

This is finished work that you see and are able to critique the finished work. Think of all the window trims, skirting boards, wood paneling, decks and hand rails

3. Cabinet makers or Cabinetry

This is another classification of carpentry and they only do this type of work.As Handymen we can install pre made cabinets and robes.

Renovations and Extensions

Are you needing an overhaul in your home?Do you have rooms or spaces that are not functional or practical or even plain ugly and out dated?We can provide all of your carpentry needs. We can also do plastering and painting so there is no need to hire a team of other contractors . We are your one stop shop when it comes to smaller renovation work

Timber Repairs

Do you have a deck with loose or rotten timber boards?Or maybe a handrail or railing that is loose and not stable?Or is your outdoor area needing to be sanded back and rejuvenated?Is there a skirting board or window sill that is split and cracked?Do not risk an injury to you or your family. We can come and repair or replace any loose wooden fixtures.

We can get your outdoor timber areas sanded back and re stain or re paint them

Fixing these areas immediately makes a difference when you look around your home

Repairing them will also save you money by not having to do a major reno or repair work later.

Great Tools

We have years of experience so we have over time collected the equipment and tools needed for all different scopes of work that we encounter.We look after our tools and equipment so we do not lose time on the job when something breaks downAs such, all of the tools that we use are always designed to work the best and to be the best. This is our promise to always providing outstanding results.This is also our promise to always provide reliable and warranty-support work.

Repair Or Install New Timber Decks, Pergolas, Window Frames And Fences

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