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furniture assembly

What we can help you with:

Hanging Pictures

Install Appliances

Wall Mount Tv’s

Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

There are a lot of circumstances that you are at home or at your place of business and you receive a new item of products, and you realize that it requires installation or assembly. We also know that you may not have the tools or equipment necessary to get this done.

Not to mention, you may also not have the know-how for how to get this work done without causing damage to the property, or worse, harm to yourself. We also know that you may not have the time or energy to get this work done. As such, you are going to want to call us here at Handyman Bayside Brisbane. We are the leading handyman team in the area, and we often do these kinds of projects.

repairs in the home

Install Appliances And Assemble Furniture.

Installation Of Appliances

You have been shopping for new appliances and when they arrive, you realise you are going to need a hand to get it in the right position.

We help dozens of people each year put their tumble dryer onto wall brackets, we help fridges and dishwashers fit into kitchens

We can attach range hoods so that they are centred correctly over the hotplates.

Now as a word of warning – We are NOT electricians. We can install and plug in an appliance into an existing wall socket

We cannot move power points nor can we touch any wiring.

If you do need and electrician – We do have a trusted Brisbane electrician that we use.

Furniture and Flat Pack Assembly

We love going shopping at Ikea for furniture and household needs.

We load up our car with the flat packs of our new bookcases, tables and bedroom furniture.

We get them home and start the process – Soon the joy of having new furniture is a massive pain in the neck.

The bookcases are not as easy to assemble as what you thought. The honest truth is that assembly of flatpacks can be a big struggle if you do not have the proper tools or equipment to get the job done.

Also, we know that you might not even have to time or energy to do the work.

are you ready to outsource the furniture assembly nightmare that is on your living room floor? Let us assemble it for you so that you can enjoy your purchases rather than resenting them.

Picture Hanging

We can save marriages by making sure all your pictures and photos are hung straight without a million holes in your walls trying to centre your artwork. Our Handyman service is going to be able to get the your wall art hung straight and secure done for you.

Stand back and admire your photos, paintings and mirrors knowing that they are securely fastened into the wall, The hooks are not going to come loose and that they are all hung the way that you want them.

Wall Mount TV’s

Installing TV’s on the wall are not as easy as it looks.

They are heavy and awkward to handle and you have to ensure that they are mounted securely. We can also create niches into existing walls if you are wanting your new TV to sit in a custom sized wall position.

This will create a feature area for your TV to be displayed.

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