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Painting Brisbane – We Can Freshen Up Your Home

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When painting required, many people will want to try and do it themselves to save money.

Painting seems like a relatively easy thing to do and yes it is easy to hold a paint brush and apply the paint BUT can you get the expert results that you expect?

Where homeowners go wrong is the preparation of the surface that needs to be painted.

To ensure a quality job – the surfaces that are going to be painted need to be prepared properly.

This includes:

  • Cleaning or washing the areas down
  • Removing existing paint if it is cracked or peeling
  • Sanding and smoothing the surfaces
  • Applying base coats
  • Covering floors
  • Taping windows and doors
  • Masking lines
  • Cleaning up

Often we are called in when a homeowner has started the painting job but realises that they are not going to get the paint finish they want or to be able to complete the job in the required time frame.

Calling In A Painter Will Save Time And TIME IS MONEY!

We Paint Small Areas And The Larger Painting Jobs !

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What Painting Work We Can Do

Interior painting

Ceiling painting

Exterior painting

Fence painting

Patch and paint

Window Frames and trims

Small areas

We Can Patch And Paint Your Walls And Doors

patch and paint work

Our Experienced Painters Can Paint All Ceilings, Walls And Outdoor Areas. We Will Prep, Prime And Clean Up.


A big reason why our painting service is so popular – Is that we can fully repair or replace areas that need to be painted.

We are a one stop shop when it comes to getting an area ready for paint application and then for the actual painting.

We will also do small paint jobs like a single feature wall or an outside entertainment area.

Or even just painting a few new doors or the skirting boards.

Many house painting teams will only quote for larger jobs and small jobs are slotted in if they have some down time

No residential painting job is too small or large.

We are experienced in all house painting and staining work

Before we start any work we will thoroughly inspect the areas that need painting so we can plan the preparation needed.

  • Interior walls will require holes or cracks to be patched and sanded
  • Damaged wooden trims need to be repaired, sanded or even replaced if they are badly damaged
  • Flaking or peeling paint needs to be removed or sanded smooth
  • Walls need to be washed down so that there is no dust and grime on the walls
  • Outside wooden areas usually require sanding to remove old paint or stain
  • Sometimes undercoats or priming will also be required

We stand behind all of our work including our painting services.

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